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Vocational Evaluation

The assessment will assist in the individual's assets and liabilities for job placement. The evaluation shall focus on the vocational strengths, weaknesses, and vocational potential. The information results shall be used to develop the client's Individual Plan for Employment (IPE). The training will teach short and long-term goals to achieve better results.

Work Adjustment Training

This training focuses on activities to improve and increase productivity, attendance, punctuality, the ability to work with others, and to work under supervision. We shall educate individuals on overcoming vocational barriers in the work setting, and we shall teach those just entering the workforce the value and demands of work.

Business Colleagues


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Grassroot Career Coaching

 Joshua's Werk Grassroot Career Coaching provided industry information that develops strategic career plans. Our team will identify values, strengths, and interests to understand their skills clearly. We will teach individuals how to search for employment opportunities. Help them create a skill base resume and coach on interviewing tactics to stand out to recruiters. Our team will empower the individuals, help increase self-confidence, and motivate them to excel in their new endeavors.

Resume Writing

The resume writing class shall educate individuals on preparing a resume to attract recruiters. Individuals will learn critical words and language fundamentals to write their resumes.

Community Connections

This program provides information resources that affect employment and our community. The information can be obtained on the website under resources. We shall partner with other nonprofit organizations to provide necessities to lower-income families. Joshua's Werk will have events located on the website and provide training or webinars that will better serve individuals in the community.


We shall advocate for individuals under the American Disability Act (ADA) for equal opportunity, human rights, and ways to bring awareness locally, statewide, and nationally.

Consult for Disabilities

 This program shall provide consultation on helping to identify the barriers, educate on disability rights, and provide additional resources.

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